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Gnurun Italy has nearly 20 years of experience in cross-border logistics and warehousing management. We provide customers with one-stop services including multi-warehouse in Italy and multi-country warehousing in Europe, transit delivery, and return processing. The scope of delivery covers the entire territory of Italy and Europe. It not only helps cross-border sellers achieve localized warehousing and reduces operating costs, but also professional warehousing management experience and cooperation with many powerful logistics companies can help customers improve product turnover. Utilization rate, shorten the arrival time, improve buyer satisfaction

The seller prepares the goods according to the market forecast and then delivers the goods to the Gunrun. Then GNURUN will ship the seller’s goods to the Italian warehouse by sea, air, or express. When an overseas buyer makes a purchase on the customer’s website, eBay online store, amazon outlet, or other channels, the seller can place an order in the Gunrun overseas warehouse system, fill in the goods to be delivered, the buyer’s contact information and select the local delivery method, and then According to the seller’s order requirements, Gnurun will perform the overseas local distribution of the goods stored in the Italian warehouse by the seller, and deliver them to the overseas buyers.